Beta dilemma

Guys, beta day is in 36 hours. I am climbing the walls. I could POAS tomorrow morning but I am frankly superstitious about it. If you have read my ‘about’ page you will know that I have never, ever gotten two pink lines… Not even on ovulation tests when we were scanning and triggering and I KNOW I ovulated… I feel like my pee is stick repellent. So, I am waiting for the blood test but I am very anxious. What if I get the call when I am at work? If it is negative, how on earth will I continue doing therapy for the rest of the day as though nothing has happened? But do I have the patience to wait until the end of the day to listen to my voicemail? What if they won’t leave a message giving me the results and I have to wait for FRIDAY for the results? I don’t know how best to manage this process… What have you guys done? Any pearls of wisdom for this bag of nerves posing as a cool, calm and collected therapist??

16 thoughts on “Beta dilemma

  1. My clinic doesn’t even do a beta unless you get a BFP on a stick first, so I’d POAS. Even if my clinic DID do beta’s, I’d POAS. And just remember, there is nothing you can ACTUALLY do to jinx this. If there is a baby in that belly, that stick is going to be positive. Best of luck 🙂


      • Thanks ladies. I realised that basically I’m absolutely terrified of finding out the result and refusing to poas is just avoidance. After chatting with my husband about your comments the verdict is that I will buy a good quality stick tomorrow and pee on it on Thursday before my husband leaves for work. Thanks for the reality check. My clinic discourages peeing at all and does routine betas on day 12, but at least hubs and I will be together and can control the timingxxx


      • This sounds like a good decision… Do you have the flexibility to take that day off work if you needed to just so you’ve got some space and privacy without the worry of patients??
        Best of luck!!!


      • I’ve prepared my secretary just incase I am a broken mess and she will reschedule for me if needs be. Awful to have to make these contingency plans but that’s the reality. How’s your workless wait going??


      • Oh good, at least you’ve got that fallback. And yes, it is horrible, because when you really have to be firing on all cylinders in the kind of work we do. I’m quite glad I happen to have Saturday off, otherwise I would be fretting, too!
        Ha, I’ve actually been quite good today. I’ve napped a bit and done a bit of housework. We go away for 2 nights tomorrow so I think that will be the hardest- having no household chores to distract myself with!!
        BEST of luck for your test- I will be thinking of you


  2. I faced the same dilemma for my one and only transfer. I hate POAS with a passion. So I went in for my beta without peeing… I did get pregnant but quickly lost the pregnancy. However, I got talked into by friends to pee on a stick before my second beta so I now have proof that I got my first 2 pink lines… so no regrets there. I wish you all the best for your results!!


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