An anxious day

I thought I was handling this tww reasonably well but today has been a very anxious day. Last night as I got into bed I started getting a bit of lower back ache and a crampiness in my uterus… Kind of like I might feel just before my period but also not exactly the same. They’ve continued today and I’ve spent the day running to the loo to check to see if my period has arrived. Arghhhhhhh!!!! Usually when I get a heavy, achy feeling in my back my period comes almost immediately but there has been nothing today.

Whilst I can’t wait for testing day on Thursday, I’ve also been the most optimistic that I have ever been during a tww and there’s a part of me that doesn’t want this feeling to end. I’m not ready for my bubble to burst and I’m so hoping that these twinges I’m feeling are just my little embryos causing some shifting around in my womb. Has anyone else had this experience and ended up with a happy result??

12 thoughts on “An anxious day

  1. I had cramping and twinges constantly before my third ivf BFP! I have found that my pre-period pains were more steady and achey and my early pregnancy pains were more throbbing and twinges. Hope that helps. Good luck!!


  2. The first week I was pregnant I cramped continually. That’s what made me test early-I woke up with cramps and was convinced I was out. Two strong betas later and we’re just four days from the first ultrasound.


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