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Ladies who have done an immune protocol and with mthfr….for how long into your pregnancy did you remain on prednisone and lovenox/ clexane? How many intrallipids did you do? Advice much appreciatedxxx

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  1. Well I’m 10 weeks now and still on Clexane (40mg), Prednisolone (16mg), aspirin etc and I think I’ll wean off them at the end of the first trimester. Clexane I will probably continue throughout the pregnancy as I have a mild clotting risk. Intralipids I’ve been doing every 2 weeks since the positive blood test and I did my last ones (hopefully) yesterday. I hope that helps!


      • I don’t think intralipids is an exact science to be honest!! My history is 2 consecutive missed miscarriages at around 7-8 weeks. I’ve got the MTHFR gene and a mild issue with thrombosis. So we have effectively thrown all the meds at me this time around. So far so good, but it’s difficult to say what has been the key. Try it all is my motto. I also did a lifestyle shift in advance of my last EC. So that was no alcohol, no caffeine, no gym/running, only walking and yoga and super healthy eating. I also take Zita West vitamins and I came out with 15 great quality embryos from the last cycle!! I don’t know what did that but I was delighted!! Not sure how much this helps you as we are all so vastly different but do make sure you have all the facts available to you. It’s really important I think to know what is going on as much as is possible.


  2. I have been on immune and blood clotting protocol with Dr. Kwak-Kim. I am currently 30 weeks. I was on as high as 25 mg of prednisone along with 2/month IVIG infusions until 24 weeks, and then she started weaning me off prednisone until I was completely off it at about 26 weeks. I am continuing 2/month infusions until 36 weeks. As for lovenox and low dose aspirin, I am not a good example, as I have had bleeding and subchorionic hematomas throughout my pregnancy, so I am completely off blood thinners but being monitored weekly to ensure good blood flow to the baby. Had I not had those issues, I would have remained on lovenox until 36 weeks and then switched to heparin injections (since heparin can be reversed intraveinously at delivery).


      • I am ANA positive, I have elevated Natural Killer Cells and elevated TH1/TH2 cytokine ratios (inflammation). I am borderline APA+ and have several gene mutations for blood clotting (PAI1, Factor XIII, B-Fibrinogen). As far as weaning off of prednisone, it is alway necessary so that you don’t send your adrenal system into overdrive. They had me drop 5 mg one week at a time until I was taking just 5 mg every other day before stopping. Let me know if you have any other ?s. Feel like I’ve been through it all!


  3. I’ve just been catching up! Firstly, a huge congratulations! My immune doctor had told me that if I got pregnant I would gradually reduce the prednisone, but the intralipids would be done every two weeks until the end of first trimester. Best of luck with everything


    • Thank you so much. The intrallipids is a concern for me… I had one prior to transfer, one at positive hpt and one two weeks later (ie one every two weeks until 6 weeks). I’m now 9 weeks and my doc says another one is unnecessary but I am worried. What is your diagnosis out of interest? I have a family history of autoimmune conditions but only a mild one myself… lichen planus which is a condition that affects the mouth. I haven’t had nk cell testing. I also have a double mthfr mutation which can cause mild clotting, causing miscarriage….which I believe but do not know for sure, caused my last miscarriage. I’m on clexane for this. I just want to make sure we’re covering all our bases.


      • I’ve one blocked Fallopian tube and blood tests showed elevated natural killer cells after two IVF early miscarriages. The immune doctor didn’t find any signs of an autoimmune disease with me but she still recommended intralipids and prednisolone in the first trimester. I have heard of other clinics where women only get the intralipids until week 9 so it does seem to be different everywhere! I did all the immune stuff for my third IVF and didn’t get pregnant at all though 😦


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