Side effects include rapid weight gain, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and acne


Oh, and OHSS…. And that’s just the ones that stuck in my (fuzzy), brain! I almost wish I hadn’t fished out the pamphlet and read the side effects but after feeling unusually tired yesterday and today I felt I needed to educate myself. Ladies, this could be terrible! Not to mention that the pamphlet applies to one vial, or a standard dosage, of gonal f, and I am take FIVE vials a day.

I was also warned not to take any other medication as we do not want anything thinning my lining. I usually take a mild, natural sleeping remedy but am too scared to take that so am now writing this late at night, husband snoring at my side, brain ticking away…. Whilst feeling exhausted…. Arghhhh!!!

Sorry for the vent ladies, will try some positivity on for size tomorrow morning… If I get some sleep…