I hate HPT’S… written 26 November.

These were my HPT’S at 11dp5dt. First beta on 11dp5dt came in at 157 and second beta today was 383, which is a doubling time of 37 hours. So I processed a lot of emotion last week for seemingly no reason. Only time will tell whether or not this third pregnancy is the one that ends in a take home baby. I so hope so. 


First beta at 11dp5dt

Is 424. Phew. First hurdle crossed. We are not going to be monitoring beta levels, much to the surprise of our nurse! We’ve decided to approach this pregnancy very differently and will simply wait for our first scan at 7 weeks. Our experience last year was that despite all the betas and scans, we knew something was wrong, but not what… And only time could make this clear. In the interests of healthy distraction my husband and I are off to Cape Town for a nice long weekend next week. Yay!