A funny for my American bloggers

Just so that you don’t feel alone in having a president who you are ashamed of. Here in South Africa we have a completely corrupt liar and thief as number 1. He faced more than 700 counts of fraud before he was even elected (but hasn’t been prosecuted because he is protected as the president!), was charged with rape but acquitted in a very shady trial just prior to his election and has 6 wives and I’ve lost count of how many children. A report has recently come out which implicates him in absolutely unimaginable corruption during his term in office and yet he still sits in power, refusing to step down despite numerous calls  for his resignation. We feel your pain. South Africans also have a good sense of humour generally (we have to). And so here is a funny meme that came out yesterday.


7 thoughts on “A funny for my American bloggers

  1. Bloody hell.. I admit I didn’t know much about him (so focused we are on American and British politics) but he really takes the biscuit. What is it with nutjobs getting elected into dangerous positions of power…. Does the madness come first or does over-promoting people cause them to go berserk? I see it on a smaller scale in my public sector workplace: so many erratic, unstable, grasping people in too-high positions making people’s lives miserable. Gah the world is insane…I despair.


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