I swore I wouldn’t and it only happened by accident

So we had decided to do what we did last time, which was to pee on a stick the morning of our blood test. This way we could know in private and have control over the timing, and also be together… Rather than waiting for a phone call which given our jobs we would probably miss. So I had bought some pregnancy tests for Friday morning, which is test day. Friday will be 11dp5 day transfer… They usually test on day 12 but for some reason asked me to test a day early. Anyway, I looked at the tests I had bought and they weren’t the two pink line variety, so for sentimental reasons whilst I was shopping this morning I bought the two pink line version. I had them in my hand to put them away, without thinking sat down to do a wee and was reading the instructions (cause, you know, just incase I had forgotten how to use them), just so I would be ready on friday. Literally mid-wee (about my fourth of the day, 7dp5 day transfer), I thought what the hell, there are 2 in here, let’s just use one for the hell of it (I actually didn’t know I was so masochistic). So I did. And this is what I got….!!!!!