Pregnancy headache

I’ve suffered from frequent headaches most of my adult life. These got much better when I went off the pill but I would still get a headache fairly frequently from muscular tension caused by sitting for too long. In the last week though I have had two headaches that have lasted several days and are severe… Terrible throbbing behind my eyes and at the base of my neck. Combined with feeling nauseous, feeling really tired and still bleeding a little I’m really feeling quite miserable at the moment. I’m sure the headaches are hormone related. I’m so aware of not taking anything that will harm my developing baby. I read that at this point in pregnancy the baby is growing 100 brain cells every minute and I certainly don’t want to interfere with that. However I also have to work and function….What have you guys done to treat a bad headache during pregnancy?


6 thoughts on “Pregnancy headache

  1. Tylenol is safe to take. If you wanna try other non-pharmaceuticals first, you could try getting neck adjustments from a chiropractor (lots of scientific evidence that it helps), try massage or acupuncture, do some yoga for relaxation, or take a nap when it’s at its worst. My mom has had migraines her entire life, and regular adjustments are the only thing (other than naps and less work stress) that have worked for her. I got headaches during first trimester, and saw my chiropractor more often, and haven’t had any since (knock on wood). I hope they go away soon, as headaches are the worst!!


    • I actually have a lovely chiropractor so I will step up my appointments with him… They do usually help! I’m currently trying to find a yoga class…It’s not something I’ve done before but the thought of stretching achy muscles is very appealing right now!

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  2. There are also some acupressure points that might help that you can do yourself or have someone else do for you. Good luck! I had headaches for several days last week but seem to have passed, thank goodness! I avoided taking tylenol (or anything else) as well. I found drinking some hot water with lemon to help a little also.


  3. Aw I don’t envy you. I’ve had migraines most my adult life but I’ve been the lucky statistic who’s migraines improve with pregnancy. I have however, had tension headaches and use paracetamol which is perfectly safe throughout. If I’m really struggling, I add a small dose of codeine, which is safe up until late third trimester.
    I also have a reflexologist (started with the IVF!) and I’m sure my headaches have improved with that, too. I hope you manage to find something that works for you! Headaches are horrid!


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