The lesser sister

The big sister, the one who gets all the attention, is the tww… It even has an acronym. The less well known of the two, but even more terrifying, is the two weeks AFTER the tww… That period of time when you know you are pregnant but have no real way of knowing whether or not everything is on track whilst you wait for the first scan. This is even more terrifying when you have slow rising betas or bleeding…. Both of which I have now experienced. It is awful. Truly. I sincerely hope that if this pregnancy is healthy, time speeds up or my anxiety levels calm down. 7 sleeps till our first scan at 6w5d’s.


6 thoughts on “The lesser sister

  1. The hardest! I always try to remember nothing I think or do will change the outcome so I might as well enjoy and assume the best. Thinking of you! My sister had bleeding and delivered healthy twins!


  2. You are so right. I just got my positive HPT yesterday — a surprise since we’d just been told we were unlikely to get pregnant without assistance and would have to do IVF — and now they’re monitoring me for an ectopic pregnancy since I’m at high risk of one due to known tubal damage. Of course I’m convinced that every little twinge is an ectopic pregnancy. Good luck with your 6w scan!


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