Spotting and freaking out

Last week Wednesday I had a tiny bit of spotting. Of course I panicked and phoned my clinic. The nurse talked me down and reassuranced me that everything was fine and that 30% of women spot in pregnancy. I couldn’t help being fed up with this… I always seem to fall on the wrong side of statistics!  Yesterday we flew to Cape Town and met up with friends for lunch. The setting was beautiful but instead of enjoying it, I was in an absolute state of panic as I went to the bathroom and there was what I would consider a lot of red blood for a pregnant lady. Not like I would get on my period, but almost. I called my clinic and asked if I should see a doctor or try and have a scan. They felt that going for a scan would make my anxiety worse as at 5w3d’s there wouldn’t be much to see and that would be worse. Again she said that it can be normal and to try and take it easy (physically). The spotting stopped towards the evening but there has been a small amount again this morning. Has anyone else had this experience???


14 thoughts on “Spotting and freaking out

  1. This happened to me. It was a sub chorionic hematoma, which is basically a blood clot in the uterus. It is actually pretty common and a lot of times it works out fine. I would push for an ultrasound. While your doctor is correct that you wouldn’t see a heartbeat or anything, they can tell 1) that the pregnancy is in the right place (like the uterus and not the tubes), and 2) the cause of the bleeding. If it’s an SCH you’ll see that right away and then at least you’ll know what’s going on. How long are you in Cape Town?


  2. Oh I’m so sorry, I really hope everything is ok. I think 5+3 would be challenging to see a fetal heart. Try and get to 6 if you can, and then I’d definitely ask again for a reassurance scan. You’re kind of owed it after everything that has happened! I did have 2 bleeds myself, though at around 6 weeks, and all still well at (nearly) 15, touchwood! Don’t lose hope x


  3. I know a handful of women who did DE IVF that all had spotting early on. I don’t know if IVF makes it more likely to happen or not but all of those women are either at the end of their second trimester or just starting their third. I can easily count five offhand. Some had explanations why it was happening and others did not. Hopefully that makes you feel a little better.


    • That actually does make me feel a bit better and infact prompted me to do a bit of research… It is more common with de pregnancies and it’s because the body has not naturally produced hormones from ovulation. I’ve had no bleeding for the last day so hoping it’s over for now and we get good news at our scan. Thank you for your reassuring comment.

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  4. I bled bring red blood from weeks 5-11 with my twins. They were able to locate a sub chorionic hemorrhage on my ultrasound and I was put on pelvic rest (no sex, lifting, running). It was frightening but never bothered my babies who are here and healthy!


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