Transfer day

A transfer after a donor egg retrieval process is a different ball game completely to a transfer after your own retrieval process… In my humble opinion that is! Last transfer I had been in severe pain since the days following retrieval and had a stomach bug to boot. This time, I felt strong and healthy and my mind was at peace knowing we have eggs in reserve. We had two grade 4.11 embryos, which in sa is the best grade that they give. One was hatching and the embryologist predicted that the other one would hatch within a few hours. There was one embryo that would be frozen today and 3 others that they will monitor overnight and freeze tomorrow if possible. So we may be in the ridiculously amazing position of having 4 frozen Day 6 embryos and 16 frozen eggs. For a person with DOR, this is manna straight from heaven. Now we wait!

11 thoughts on “Transfer day

  1. Woohoo! That is so awesome! I’m so pleased for you!
    A DE transfer IS so different, I agree. I felt so good (though still a little nervous) going into mine. I think it helps knowing you’ve changed something up too, that you’re not just trying the same thing again and again. Keeping everything crossed for you. xx


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