9 fertilised eggs

Using ICSI (standard procedure with egg donation at our clinic).  I’m freaking out a little… With my crappy eggs we retrieved 8, all mature, 7 fertilised and only 2 made it to day 5. I was hoping for a much higher fertilisation rate given our donors youth and previous donation history. All my old fears and feelings are coming back…. So hard to ward them off. We won’t hear anything tomorrow and will hear again on Saturday. We have really been banking on having something to freeze because we don’t have the finances to do this again. Please prayer/ send positive vibes to our embryos!

10 thoughts on “9 fertilised eggs

  1. Just remember that you have higher quality eggs so there’s a much greater likelihood that of the 9 that fertilized, many more will make it to day 5 than with your own eggs. Our first DE cycle we had 7 fertilized eggs and only 2 blasts which shocked everyone, we really expected better results because of using DE; but I’m pregnant with one of them and the other is frozen (and I totally get wanting to have some to bank, it was a huge disappointment that we had to cycle again, and we were fortunate to have the money because it isn’t cheap). Hope is not lost–in fact you have a good chance at several 5-day blasts. It’s hard waiting, hang in there.

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  2. Your cycles can’t be compared to hers, and that’s a good thing! When we cycled, the docs said I could be a donor with my stats, and my results are like hers so far, so I’m going to share them here. 16 eggs retrieved, 15 mature, 11 fertilized, and 9 blasts at day 5 graded 5BB and above (a 5BB is sitting in my backseat right now watching construction trucks as I type this!). You are going to get a very positive phone call on Saturday! You paid for a stellar donor, and I think you have one. Quality over quantity!!!

    Good luck!!!


  3. Sending lots of prayers to your embryos!! I can understand feeling a little disappointed with the number but 9 is still good! Plus, I have read that many doctors feel that a lower number collected can yield better quality eggs, so that is comforting. We had 17 fertilized and only two blastocysts in the end, which was shocking for everyone (I’m 27 so I think they expected it to go easily) and I wondered if it was because I had been overstimulated. Either way, I am hoping you have 9 very strong little fighters! xo


  4. It’s hard not to get caught up in all of the updates but all that matters is the end result. Hang in there!!


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