Finding the light

Last night I posted a rather bleak comment on mothers day. The feeling of unacknowledgement was strong and I felt a sense of dread going into yet another childless mothers day. Whilst I woke up this morning still childless, I did not experience the lack of acknowledgement that I had anticipated. First thing this morning my beautiful sister sent me this:

Hello! I am sure today is a very hard day for you, but you’re already a heart mother in my eyes ❤ and a mother- to- be. And a wonderful auntie! Love u so me and R (R is my gorgeous niece).

And this:


Then our old maid who hasn’t worked for us in years as we moved cities sent this:

Happy mother day sisi have a wonderful day lots of luv L

My lovely office manager sent this:

I wanted me and my little angels to wish you happy Mother’s Day and to tell you that I love you and praying for you every day for your dream to come. I lOve u lots

My cousin this:

Happy Mothers day to the soon to be mom and mom to A (A is my beautiful furry child)x

And there were a few others. Whilst I still feel sad that I don’t have my own little ones to share this day with, I don’t feel unacknowledged in the least and I have been reminded of how blessed I am to have so many loving, sensitive people in my life.

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