A missed opportunity???

Thanks guys for all the support on my last post. I have calmed down and gained perspective and will be replying to you each individually tomorrow… I have been battling poor battery life and bad signal on my cell phone which has prohibited me from doing this earlier. Next Saturday I get to switch cell phones and more importantly, service providers, and I expect that my communication life will improve dramatically. But , I digress.

So, this morning I got my period. I knew it was coming, all the tell tale signs were there and I even told my husband yesterday that I felt pre menstrual. The confusing things is that I haven’t had a 28 day cycle in, let’s say, four and a half years. Nothing even approaching normal even on meds. Those who have followed me will know that I have never even had a positive ovulation test, even monitoring temps and cervical mucus. I have never had egg white cervical mucus (ewcm for the newbies). Two weeks ago I had ewcm but because I had never had it, and we were committing to egg donation, I dismissed it, thinking I was wrong. Instead of pinning my husband to the bed posts, I ignored it and went to sleep.

Now I am regretting that move (lack of move), BIG TIME. What if I was meant to be one of those miracle stories… We all know them… My cousins second cousins best friend was about to have IVF and…..you know what I mean, we’ve all heard them! My first, normal, natural and potentially healthy cycle in nearly five years and I may have missed it because I was too lazy… Boohoo!!!!

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