And we have us a donor!

Thank you so much to the ladies who commented on my previous blog about choosing a donor… I very much appreciate the time and effort you took to share your experiences with me and your suggestions helped inform some of our decision making. Our doctor finally got back to us to say the donor we have chosen is great and he has ‘no medical concerns’ and has been happy with her previous donations. That was the green light we had been waiting for and so we have moved forward with reserving her. She has been contacted and is available and happy to donate to us. Now we just wait for an invoice from our clinic, pay up, and the ball will start rolling. I must admit to feeling rather excited… I almost feel we should celebrate with a bottle of champagne (whilst we can!!).

10 thoughts on “And we have us a donor!

  1. Celebrate every step. Congrats on making the decision, choosing the donor and getting the green light. Let’s go, go, go!


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