My reader at the moment

Is full of pregnant people! Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy for you guys. I’ve witnessed your pain and suffering and am thrilled that it is over for you… You are 100% deserving. And it brings me comfort in some ways that some of us move through this infertility space and come out the other side… It gives me hope. BUT… I might as well open facebook. I may have to start unfollowing a few people… Please don’t take it personally!

14 thoughts on “My reader at the moment

  1. I unfollowed people on Facebook for years! Totally understandable when you are still in the trenches to not want to see all the bumpdates and such here or on FB. Just make sure to save people’s info for when you join the baby club. I’m scrambling a bit to recall who I unfollowed or blocked posts from in some of my more cranky “I can’t stand another pic of your baby eating prunes!” blocking sprees. I am actually going back and liking their old pregnancy pics and stuff!

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  2. It’s so hard. I was such a bitter infertile person that I stopped following people who got pregnant on 1 IVF cycle while we were on our third. Could not take it. And you don’t have to take it… You need to take care of you!

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  3. I have had to unfollow. There are some bloggers I don’t really feel connected to and when they get pregnant I’m happy for them but I have no interest in reading a pregnancy blog. We shouldn’t feel obligated to read things we have no interest in.

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