22 thoughts on “It’s over

      • One day off should be good enough from a physical stand point. I always feel crappy and uncomfortable (like a bad period) for a few days after the procedure, but as long as your job isn’t physical going back should be too hard. That said, I think I always took a day or two afterwards.


  1. Oh, friend. I’m so sorry. It’s just crushing, particularly when you were offered a glimmer of hope. Sending my best wishes for a painless procedure and quiet time to heal.


  2. I am just catching up with fellow bloggers after a period of absence, and I am SO sorry to read that you have been through such a horrific time these past few weeks and for the eventual outcome. You have not had it easy at all.
    I hope that you can find strength and comfort in each other during this time. You will be very much in my thoughts x


  3. I’m so, so sorry. I have had a D&C and I found it easy. They put you to sleep. You wake up and it’s over. Minimal bleeding after, if any. Physically the recovery is very quick. Emotionally and mentally – take all the time you need. I’m here if you ever need to talk, vent or whatever. Xoxo


  4. Fingers crossed you are now out of theatre and on the road to recovery from this nightmare you have experienced. I’m sorry. This sucks. Infertility sucks.


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