The waiting game continues

Ok ladies, I need some guidance from those wiser and more experienced than myself. Today we saw a fetal pole measuring 2mm and we could see a heartbeat, although it was not strong enough to hear. This is progress from last week and it is progress that is consistent given what was seen a week ago. However, baby is measuring about ten days behind… The doctor suggested that perhaps we had delayed implantation. But, could delayed implantation account for a 10 day delay? It seems a lot to me?

The positives from today are that there is a fetal pole as well as evidence of cardiac activity. The negatives are that it is not as strong as it should be for my dates, although this might be somewhat explained by delayed implantation. So confused. Any thoughts from you guys?

Back again for another scan next Friday… The waiting game continues.

6 thoughts on “The waiting game continues

  1. I am so sorry this confusion and frustration continues.

    I think you should call your doctor and tell him/her to give it to you straight. I did that with one of my cycles and they cut the bullshit and told me the reality of the situation.

    How far SHOULD you be? Delayed implantation accounts for a couple of days, not a week, usually. You never know though.


    • Based on retrieval dates I should be 7.5 but scan measures 6.2… I asked the doctor straight out and he has never been anything but straight with me, but he would not comment on prognosis. All he would say was that in the last two weeks the growth has been increasing at a normal rate but that we are behind… But it seems like the ‘behind’ is from the beginning… If that makes sense? I am so tired of not knowing what’s going on and wish that if the worst was going to happen, it would just happen. This waiting is terrible and is causing this pregnancy to be fill of angst, and I am unable to enjoy it at all. Boohoo!


      • He won’t comment on prognosis? Why? That seems unusual to me. Usually I have read that 5 days give or take is the norm. But when you are talking about mm, even the smallest error is measurement could mean the difference between days or weeks of development. I am glad you are seeing progress and I will hope for the best!


      • He said it would be guessing. After our first scan, with the low beta levels he said the sac was almost definitely empty, there was a 1% chance of a viable pregnancy and to stop all meds and hopefully I would miscarry naturally. But that hasn’t happened… Instead we saw a yolk sac and now a fetal pole with a heartbeat… So I think at this point he is reluctant to give any more stats or suggestions other than that delayed implantation might explain all of it. Who knows?!!! Not me!


  2. I’m so sorry this has been such an unexpectedly difficult path. On the one hand, it’s such wonderful news that things are progressing, but on the other hand, it’s hard to not to constantly question why everything is so far behind. I hope that it’s just a matter of a slow start and everything keeps progressing as it should. Hugs.


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