Utterly confused

We’ve just had our monitoring scan and it is no longer complete doom and gloom. He can now see a gestational sac and a yolk sac inside. This means it is growing and there is a fetus (as opposed to a blighted ovum, which is what he said it almost certainly was). He can also now completely rule out an ectopic. The next thing he is looking for is a heartbeat, which apparently it is too early to see anyway. We go back next week Friday for a scan and if no heartbeat is present then we would have cause for concern. But for today, it is looking normal. We don’t even know what to think or how to feel. We had given up completely and I even have been drinking some wine based on his 1% chance. I told him this and he said not to worry at all. He did want to see me every Monday and Friday but is now skipping Monday and just scanning again next week Friday. He won’t even give us a statistic today because he says it will just be guessing. If the waiting doesn’t kill me (and therefore the fetus) it seems there is now an outside chance that this pregnancy could be viable. Wtf!!!

6 thoughts on “Utterly confused

  1. I so hope that it is viable, and that you will have a little baby in your arms at least 8 months from now. 🙂
    Honestly, as long as you haven’t been consuming tonnes of wine, I wouldn’t worry at all. Every single specialist we’ve seen in the last two years has told us the same thing. In fact, on more then one occasion I’ve been told to have a glass of wine.


  2. Wow! That is phenomenal! I can not comprehend what would be going through your head right now. Fingers crossed all the following scans tell you nothing but positive news 🙂


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