Freaking out

Beta no 2 is 503, 4 days after the first beta of 154. This is the response from my doc when I emailed him to say I was concerned it was a bit low:

“Thank you for the feedback. That is correct. It has not doubled as it would be in 85% of cases. However, it has gone up by more than 60% and that is what we shall focus on now. There is unfortunately not anything we can do about this other than to wait and see where it takes us. We shall be monitoring it closely and I would like you to please repeat it in 48 hours from this morning. Hang in there – we shall take this one day at a time and remain ‘cautiously’ optimistic until proven otherwise”

I could literally be sick with anxiety. Any thoughts from the ladies who’ve been through this??

10 thoughts on “Freaking out

  1. This is tough. I’ve seen PLENTY of ladies experience this and go on to have healthy babies. One gal had a horrible second beta.. Gloom and doom… And had twins. Sometimes they’re wonky. I do appreciate your docs honesty. That’s refreshing to me, actually.

    Hang in there.


  2. There is absolutely nothing fun about beta testing. I’m with your doctor, be cautiously optimistic and hope for the best. There is absolutely nothing you can do to change the outcome, but being healthy and positive sure won’t hurt anything. Thinking of you and wishing you peace through the coming days.


  3. This was the worst time for me–the beta induced anxiety. Just try to keep focused on the positive and hopefully your next beta will erase all worried.


  4. If you go back and read my story, in September/October 2010, you will see that my BHCG did not double, in fact, it was thought I wold miscarry, I was told to stop all meds and expect the worst, but nothing ever happened, except Tenacious Thandi continued to grow and grow and grow. I think your levels sound reasonable. grow baby(ies) grow! Fingers crossed!


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