Transfer day

Today was transfer day… a day I didn’t believe we would even get to at certain stages of this journey. We are both so immensely grateful. We last heard how our embryos were doing on day 3, at which point all 7 were looking good. I waited anxiously all of yesterday before finally contacting my doctor to ask how they were doing, only to be told that they don’t open the fridges on day 4! I was off work as I was still in a lot of pain. Because of this my doctor told me to come in early for a scan to make sure everything was fine for transfer and then he told me to have faith that my embryos would be ok. I tried very hard to do this, but was a ball of nerves waiting to know how they would be today. We were told to prepare for an approximately 50% drop off, which made me really sad and worried…. I didn’t want to think of any of my precious embryos dying off. I held tightly to my mantra ‘all we need is one’, to get me through the day and night.

So this morning we arrived at the clinic early and were given the all clear! At 10.45 we were told that 2 of the 7 had made it to blastocyst stage and we had them both transferred. Two was double what I had been holding on to, but I did shed a tear for my 5 embryos that didn’t make it. Whilst the retrieval was so much more painful than I was expecting, the transfer was much easier than I was expecting. I was completely overwhelmed to see the blastocysts on the screen and could clearly see which part would become baby and which part would become placenta. They were such beautiful blastocysts and now all we can do is be patient and pray that they snuggle in and make themselves at home for the next nine months. We were given a list of instructions for follow up and some advice for self care during the two week wait. I loved this list. It started off with saying that there is nothing we can do to enhance or prevent a pregnancy at this stage and that we are now “off the hook”. It also said to avoid stressful situations or people and if that meant avoiding overly fertile people or baby showers we could consider ourselves under doctors orders to do so! They also recommend scheduling a special evening at home with your partner for the day of the blood test so that we can celebrate with non alcoholic champagne or mourn in private, depending on the outcome.

I have my paperwork for my blood test which will be on 30 October and I will not be peeing (trying not to) on a stick before then. I know the time will pass because that’s what time does, it just marches right on regardless, but I do wish I could be put into some kind of semi-conscious state (a healthy one of course!), for the next 12 days, and wake up with a positive pregnancy test!


10 thoughts on “Transfer day

  1. Congratulations at getting two blastocysts!! (although I totally get that it is sad to think that several of your potential little ones dropped off along the way). BUT the most important ones are the ones your nesting inside of you. I’m testing at a similar time to you, although my chances are way slimmer. I will keep my fingers crossed for you 🙂


  2. I really hope everything is successful and you get the positive result you are hoping for. The list of rules is fantastic. Is it common practise for your clinic to transfer two embryos or was it a choice you got to make?


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