Fertilization report

7 out of the 8 fertilized. We’re thrilled for today and trying so hard to take it one day at a time. Unfortunately I have still been in terrible pain and went back to the clinic, after landing up in the emergency room at 2am this morning for the first time in my life. Apparently I have an uncommon but not unusual side effect of the retrieval which is that blood has pooled in my ovaries causing pressure on my organs. Bed rest and a mild pain killer are the only cures but it has no long term effects and we’re still on track for a Saturday transfer (if there are healthy embryos). My secretary told me that I have some furious clients for canceling on them and for being booked off until the 16th, despite being informed that I am unwell, which annoyed me terribly and proved that my priorities (family first) are exactly where they should be!

3 thoughts on “Fertilization report

  1. Happy for you! I hope they continue to do well! Grow embies grow! And you have to take care of yourself. It just sucks that other people think they are more important.


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