Retrieval pain

Help! I need to know if the pain I am experiencing is normal? We had our retrieval this morning which I’ll post about a bit later but right now I am so sore! I have quite a high tolerance for pain but I am sore right up into my rib cage. How have you guys felt after a retrieval??

4 thoughts on “Retrieval pain

  1. OOH I’m excited that you had your retrieval. Can’t wait to hear how it went. I’m sorry for the pain though. I have never had a lot of pain after my retrieval. Yesterday I had mine without anesthesia… and it was fine. But I also only have a couple of follicles so that makes a difference. When in doubt, call your clinic. They will be able to answer your question. From what I’ve heard from others who have had a lot more follicles, soreness is expected as your ovaries were overloaded. But if it’s beyond what you can tolerate, it’s better to check.


    • Thank you Isabelle (and huge congrats on your extra eggs, such wonderful news)! I called the clinic and they said it isn’t normal and to go in tomorrow if it has not improved. I think it might be gas… It’s a pain right under my ribs and into my shoulder! Hope your fertilization goes well… I’ll be following to see how you go!


  2. Yes, I had this pain. It’s from the fluid from your ovaries getting into your body cavity, along with air. This is very normal for surgery, but especially egg retrieval because of the fluid in each follicle that leaks out during aspiration.

    Congrats on getting this far!!!


    • Thanks Courtney. I’m relieved to know what it is… Ended up at the emergency room at 2am this morning as I was so sore I didn’t know what to do with myself. It is somewhat better this morning but I’m going back to the clinic for a check up a bit laterx


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