Retrieval day

The big day arrived at last! My husband and I arrived at the clinic at 7am and got processed along with a few other ladies. And then…. Nothing…. 3 hours of waiting. I was pretty anxious and agitated and felt extremely hot. Fortunately I had my husband with me who is my best friend and we had lots of laughs together. Unfortunately we did laugh at another lady’s expense but she was so outrageous that we couldn’t help it!

She was clearly very anxious and it seemed to me that she might have self medicated her nerves as she was going bananas and behaving very weirdly. At one point she stated loudly that she is allergic to cats and dogs… Which had us in stitches thinking about the theatre cat and dog who would now have to be chased out of the theatre😂. As I was being wheeled away my husband called out ‘be careful of that theatre cat’, which meant I went off laughing.

She also stormed out in her sexy gown because she was furious about waiting even though she only arrived about half an hour before, long after the rest of us, and went off to the cafeteria despite the fact that we couldn’t eat or drink. Earlier on she read her forms and then threw the folder onto the ground. She then demanded to be moved to another girls spot and that her curtains be closed, all of which had to be refused for various reasonable reasons. Eventually she made her poor husband put her bed upright and proceeded to cover herself completely with the sheet. Anyway, I assume she was just having a bad day and is not normally so out of control.

The retrieval went well and we got 8 eggs, which is more than I ever expected. I had the retrieval under conscious sedation, but felt pretty unconscious and only remember having the injection into my arm and then being wheeled out of theater. I had a big cry when I came out, purely from relief, and the nurse was very sweet and came and pulled our curtains for some privacy. It didn’t take too long to feel ok enough to go home. Since getting home I have been very uncomfortable though. I have a lot of pain under my rib cage, extending into my shoulder and it is sore to go to the loo. I contacted the clinic and they said to come in tomorrow if it is not better.

Anyway, I am so thrilled that we got 8 eggs. After our last cycle was cancelled I didn’t think we would get this far. Now we pray that there are at least one or two healthy eggs in the bunch and that we get something to transfer. Transfer will be on Saturday. We will get a daily phone call to let us know how the fertilization is going… I think it’s going to be an anxious week!

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