Hello again… It’s been a while!

Whilst I have been reading and commenting on your blogs recently, I have had a bit of a writing break. Not purposefully, I’ve just found myself not really wanting to talk too much about what has been going on… Not in a cagey way, but in a ‘I’m so tired of talking about this’ kind of way.

Anyway, I have been shooting myself up like crazy and have gone through approximately 35 vials of gonal f, 45 vials of menopur, daily half doses of cetrotide, estrogen patches, estrogen tablets, Lupron, eltroxin…. Etc etc. I am basically a walking vial of medication encased in a human body. But it’s all been for good. If you remember, our first attempt at IVF was cancelled and we were completely devastated. However, this second attempt, using an estrogen priming protocol, has resulted in 8 decent size eggs and we trigger tonight for a Monday retrieval. I am very cautiously optimistic. I’m so aware that my eggs could be terrible quality and just hope we get at least one good embryo from these eggs. It has been such a long and taxing cycle and I am really, really emotionally and physically exhausted.

We’re nearly there though, one more injection tonight when we trigger at 9.30 and one more blood test tomorrow before we retrieve under conscious sedation on Monday. Prayers, crossed limbs, lucky clovers, angels, baby dust … Whatever you believe in, please throw some in our direction!

11 thoughts on “Hello again… It’s been a while!

  1. Sending love like those waves that you can lie back on and drift gently up and down knowing you are completely safe, and sprinkling angel dust and a posting a rainbow with all the colours of the flowers in the garden.


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