Here we go again

I haven’t blogged much about our infertility stuff recently. Mostly because there hasn’t been much to write about but also because I have been feeling very down about it all and it’s been hard to put into words what I am thinking and feeling. Anyway, I have been on the pill again for the past month and started lucrin injections 10 days ago. Today is CD2 and I went for our first monitoring appointment for this cycle, this morning. It went fine in that everything is ‘quiet’, ie. no cysts. Because everything looked fine the doctor did not order blood tests, which I hope is ok. I have stopped the lucrin and have started an estrogen patch, estrogen pills (inserted vaginally… Joy of joys), and cetrotide, for the next six days. Then I will start gonal f (six vials a day!) with the cetrotide for about a week, and then menopur (also six vials a day!), still with cetrotide – for about a week. My next scan is only on the 6 October which seems quite far away to me. IF all goes well and there is anything to retrieve, the doctor is aiming for retrieval on the 10 or 11 October, which is the very time my husband has arranged to go and visit his best friend in Cape Town for the first time in two years. Bloody timing!!! Anyway, here’s hoping my body responds to this protocol and that we get some juicy little eggs to fertilize!! If anyone else has experience with this protocol I’d love to hear how you went… This is all new to me. Thank you!

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