Timed intercourse

The blog world of infertility, as we all know, is filled with acronyms:

TWW: Two Week Wait (factual, no problem)
IF: Infertility (again, factual, it’ll do)
DH: Darling Husband (totally subjective and problematic, especially in the throws of the stressors of infertility… Depending on where you are in your cycle it could stand for Darling Husband, Dear Husband or Devil Husband or Delusional Husband or… Ok, I’ll stop now but you get the idea, right???)
AF: Aunt Flo (i.e. your period… Seriously!!!????)
IUI: Intra Uterine Insemination (factual, fine)
IVF: Invitro Fertilization (ditto)

To name a few.

Well, I have a new one (I think. If I have stolen your idea, or repeated an old existing idea, huge apologies….please do not accuse me of plagiarism, I am simply ignorant). Timed Intercourse (TI), otherwise known in my world as Traumatic Intercourse, or Terrible Intercourse or….. Feel free to jump on board and add a few of your own ideas.

It’s the pits. Timed intercourse SUCKS. A lot!!!!! I’d rather read my kindle, wash my hair, paint my nails…. And I’m not even joking…. And I very rarely paint my nails! Infertility turns something instinctively human, basic, passionate and intimate into something impersonal and sterile. It is absolutely, completely and utterly awful. Has anyone here had the post coital test??? (More on that if there is a positive response).

And this is why there is indeed a silver lining to IVF. No more timed intercourse. I will be a hell of a lot poorer and probably emotionally ruined, but at the very least, I will have sex with my husband when (and if… Which is the part that worries me… My libido is soooo low, but anyway), I feel like it, and not when I have to. Hoorah!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Timed intercourse

  1. I’m sorry if I post this again… My phone is weird lol. Anyway I totally agree!! Times intercourse is the worst! I mentioned it in a blog post earlier and had a bunch of women commented that they feel the same. You’re definitely not alone lol


  2. Uh huh TI exists. :). I dislike it too. I had the post coital test once as a freebie of my ivf consultation after the doctor commented on my EWCM and learned that we had sex the night before. All he found was 2 dead sperm.


    • We had to do it 3 times and the rule was that we had to be at the clinic before 9am and that we had to have had sex 2 hours previously and it had to be on a certain day of my cycle… omg the stress was too terrible. We then got told at our second clinic that there is no point in doing it more than once, the first is diagnostic.


    • Oh I know what you mean… It’s not that you don’t enjoy making love with your husband but having’ to perform on schedule sucks all the romance out of it and it’s almost easier to separate the ‘medical’ from the ’emotional’… Hope your husband recovered reasonably easily!

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