Celebrating our marriage

Our wedding anniversary is tomorrow but since we didn’t think our respective places of employment would be thrilled with us having a lunch date on a work day, we celebrated yesterday by returning to our wedding venue for lunch. It is a stunning venue and we relived some very happy memories while we were there. On the day we got married we could never have known how the future was going to play out and certainly we never, ever expected to be facing IVF. If you had asked, we would probably have said that by now we would have expected to have a toddler and maybe another on the way.

Anyway, despite the hardships (which haven’t been exclusively infertility related), we are stronger today than we were on the day we got married and for this I am infinitely grateful. We both hope that by this time next year, we will be sleep deprived, exhausted and will need to find a babysitter for our anniversary lunch.

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