My not so secret love affair….

….is with wine. I love wine…the act of choosing it and buying it, visiting wine farm’s and tasting it, the smell, the way it goes beautifully with amazing food (I also really enjoying cooking. And eating). I’m that person on facebook who shares this:


And this:


And this:


Last one:


Because I find them so funny and they always give me a good giggle (and also because there is a modicum of truth in them). For the first eternity of trying to conceive I put my love affair with wine on hold and sat through many functions dutifully sipping on water. But it made me increasingly aware of NOT being pregnant…. Going through the motions of pregnancy but still seeing a negative result month after month. I got more and more resentful and felt so deeply deprived anyway, on a soul level, due to not having a baby, that I resumed my love affair with wine. I eat healthily, take tons of vitamins and other good things, exercise moderately…but I still drink wine. And after the week I have had, I am so incredibly grateful that wine and I are going steady again. Cheers!

I lied earlier… This is the real last one. Hope everyone has a happy weekend, whatever stage of the lovely (said in a voice laced with sarcasm) infertility journey you are on.

4 thoughts on “My not so secret love affair….

  1. I loved this! And I totally hear you. If we stuck to what those experts tell us what to do, I’d be 4 years sober. That’d be fine if my vice were crack, but life’s too bloody trying without a Friday night (bottle of) Malbec. And you’re right – nothing is more depressing than the hopeful mineral water night out. I clink your glass my lovely! XX


  2. I’m catching up on your blog here at work and laughing out loud at this one. I completely agree. My vice is beer, though. The love is deep and real. And I agree, I got very resentful when I quit during the retrieval phase. Now during the transfer phase I’m cutting way down but I really need at least one beer on the weekend so I don’t kill anyone. Drink on, sister!


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