Getting a new look

So I am writing this blog from a hairdressing salon. I recently realized that I have really neglected myself from an aesthetic point of view and suddenly I am feeling very frumpy. This is a new feeling for me and I guess it is another side effect of the infertility journey… All my focus is on what is going on inside of me and I have had no energy for worrying about the outside. But suddenly I am sick and tired of feeling like this. I am only 35 for goodness sake and need to reclaim some of my former vibrancy.

So, today I am coloring out the greys that have crept in and I am going for a shorter, funkier look (which I hope to goodness I don’t regret… I am not traditionally very adventurous when it comes to my hair and I kind of pride myself on my hair which is nice and thick and long). When I get home, I will shave my legs and give myself a pedicure. Tonight my husband and I are going to the theatre and I will put on a nice dress and apply some make up. Small things, but it worries me how far removed from my former self I feel at times, and this aspect of ‘letting myself go’ is one of them.

8 thoughts on “Getting a new look

  1. This happened to me during our many years of TTC and fertility treatments, and once I was finally pregnant, I snapped out of it. Good on you for recognizing it early and doing something about it! You won’t regret the hair cut… It may even become symbolic of your motivation to take care of yourself!


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