Fur babies

During my time in the blog world I have seen a few questions and blogs from individuals concerning the relative merits/ demerits of a fur baby. From my perspective, the answer to the question: ‘should I fill the gap left by infertility with a fur baby?’, is a resounding, YES!!!!!

However, I must qualify. IF you are an animal person, and would give an animal a loving home regardless of your personal circumstances, then a fur baby will lovingly and selflessly, fill a gap in your life. If you would not normally adopt an animal but are feeling desperate for something, ANYTHING, to nurture…..consider working on your garden. A herb garden is a wonderful thing. Animals, especially dogs, require an enormous amount of love and attention which cannot be withheld once an actual human baby arrives. It is not fair to them to use them when you need them and then reject them once you don’t.

To illustrate a point, I attended a family children’s party a while ago where I had the unfortunate opportunity to meet a woman with 6 year old IVF twins (that is not the unfortunate part). She unashamedly told me the story of getting a puppy every time she had a failed IVF cycle resulting in two Labradors and four daschunds that were now a complete and utter nuisance to her. She was considering putting the Labradors to sleep, because it was ‘kinder to them’. Well needless to say, I hated her on sight.

My fur babies are my first children and will continue to be an important part of my family once we are blessed to have our own human babies. I love them so much and have been extremely comforted by their unconditional love, especially during some very dark places relating to our infertility. I would do it all over again and do not regret a minute of the time I have spent with these amazing furry creatures… Thanks guys. I know you will make excellent furry companions to our human children one day.

8 thoughts on “Fur babies

  1. I haven’t blogged about this yet, but I have a fur baby named Freddie. He’s awesome! He licks my tears and knows when I need a snuggle. Lays under my desk chair or at my feet when I’m busy with the computer. I rescued him when he was 10 months old and he’ll be 6 in a few weeks. The funny part…I had an embryo transfer last week and the day of the transfer during my bedrest time, he came up on the bed and peed on my belly. Needless to say, I was laying on my side with a body pillow and he managed to get me, the pillow, and all the way down to the bed and linens. Ugh! I had to laugh and say, we’ll he either just marked the little embryo as his or he’s telling the embryo that I’m HIS mommy. Ha Ha Ha.


  2. I work with Bullmastiff rescue and we always get the “no time for the dog now that the baby is here” or “the baby is allergic” and on and on. The poor dogs come into rescue just bewildered. Oh, and these are the “nice” people. The true shits drop the dogs at pounds. I’m going to stop now before you’re looking at this comment like “you sound pretty unhinged”. We rescued a dog when I was pregnant. When I miscarried she was my lifesaver. I think fertility, pets, and babies go together quite well.


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