Six follicles

Two on the right and four on the left. My husband is optimistic and is relieved that there are more than three and therefore enough to go ahead with the cycle. I’m pretty disappointed. For some reason, perhaps I was in denial about my DOR diagnosis, I was hoping for more. How many of those six will be retrieved? How many will fertilize? The chances seem slim and my optimism is fading.

The doctor really battled to find my left ovary… Apparently it was hiding behind my bowel… After much pushing on my stomach and moving of the magic wand he finally found it… Thank goodness, as it is outperforming Mis Righty and so offered a glimmer of hope. Back on Monday for another scan after a weekend of menopur. Hopefully Miss Lefty will reveal herself in all her splendor.

*update*. We met with the nurse who did a lot to reassure me that 6 follicles is ok and at the moment my lining is growing and that all is good. She was very sweet and encouraging and whether or not she’s right, I’ll take it. I realized that although I really am fine if we move onto donor eggs, it is very hard to go through all the expense and effort of an ivf cycle and to feel early on that there is no hope. So, I’m over my disappointment and am trying to send lots of positive juju and vibes to those six little follicles… Grow babies grow!

12 thoughts on “Six follicles

  1. On the cycle that worked I had the same number of follicles and six eggs retrieved. One went on to become my baby! As much as we all want tons, it really does just take one.. Best of luck!

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  2. I think our expectation changes following our experience. In my first cycle, I had 6 follicles, five grew evenly, 4 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilized, and one embryo remained. I was disappointed. However, all of my subsequent cycles weren’t as good as the first one. And then my expectation changed. Now I’d be happy if I don’t have a cyst and can move on with my cycle. I don’t even care how many follicles I have. So, I totally understand how you feel as I felt the same way our first cycle. With that said, you never know how a cycle will turn out. Like what Courtney said, everyone is different and some people have one fertilized egg that becomes a baby. I am rooting for you that these beautiful follicles will be the hope for you take home baby. 🙂


    • I hear you Isabelle. I think because I was with a very reputable clinic for over a year and they didn’t pick up the dor, there was a part of me that was still hoping the second opinion was wrong. Anyway, onwards and upwards. Our clinic actually won’t proceed with a cycle if there are less than three follicles, so we are now just relieved that we can proceed. Also, we have chosen to only do two cycles before moving in to donor eggs as we just can’t carry on indefinitely in this space, so I was naively hoping we would have lots of eggs and could freeze some… Haha, naĂŻvetĂ© personified! Anyway, we will continue to be optimistic that this one will save our cycle… Until we have reason to be otherwise!


      • I’m so sorry. Yes, sometimes they can tell when it’s an eggless follicle. Other times they don’t know until they try to retrieve. I wish I could say something to make it better, but know that you are not alone and though we may not personally “know” you, we are here for you.


      • AWW I am so so sorry… This is so unbelievably tough… I had one cycle that we converted to IUI because I had one follicle growing only. I feel for you. 😩 IVF cycles are full of ups and downs. Be very nice to yourself. I am sorry again. ❀


      • Thank you Isabelle, it really is a massive roller coaster. I cancelled all my clients yesterday and my husband came home from work. So we had a good day just being together and trying to accept this new curve in the road. Back on track today. Have you heard of, or been on the estrogen priming protocol?


      • Always. It never hurts to know there are others going through similar struggles. Infertility is often a very lonely, specially for women who must administer all sorts of drugs to themselves and get constantly poked and prodded. I’m glad you know you’re not alone and we all support you!


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